How to Honor Your Relationship on Valentine’s Day

There Must Be 50 Ways to Please Your Lover

By Corinne Farago

There are so many meaningful ways to honor your relationship on Valentine’s Day.

If you need some help finding creative ways to show your appreciation for each other, below you’ll find a longer than average list of 50 possibilities to inspire your imagination, and infuse your V-Day with intention, creativity, and open-hearted enjoyment.

Choose the one you think will delight your partner, and then make it happen!


Investing in Quality Time With Your Partner

One of Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages is ‘quality time’. Perhaps it’s because feeling loved and connected to our partner lays the very foundation for the other four expressions of love, including sex. Quality time sets the stage for connection and intimacy to occur. It’s less about what we’re doing together, but rather how we’re doing it.

Are we listening with attention, asking questions with curiosity, seeing fully, and loving unconditionally?

Is it you intention to help your partner feel valued and appreciated?

If that’s your goal, then any activity you choose will be a perfect way to celebrate this holiday.


Planning Your Special Valentine’s Day Activities

Here’s something you might want to add to your plans.

Why not create a surprise? Decide who will plan Valentine’s Day. If you can’t do something on the 14th, then be in charge of whatever day makes sense to celebrate each other.

If it’s your turn to be in charge of the date, choose an event that you think your partner would enjoy.

Let them know the time frame and what clothes to wear for the event or activity.

Does it require reservations or tickets?

Are you eating before or after? Make reservations for that too.

Do something novel and playful like agreeing that you’re going to get the door for your partner, wherever you go, including the car. You’ll both enjoy the challenge of remembering this agreement. 😊


Unforgettable Romantic Date Ideas

Read through this list of 50+ ways to please your lover, and check mark the ones that are a yes or a maybe.


Plan the Perfect Date Night

Make your Valentine’s Day date night one to remember with these romantic ideas:

  • Visit a Local Art Show or Festival – Admire the talent of local artists and creators at an art show or festival.
  • Have a Stay-at-Home Movie Night – Pop some popcorn, cozy up on the sofa and watch one of your favorite movies.
  • Go for a Romantic Stroll in Nature – There’s nothing quite like strolling through a botanical garden or park and appreciating the beauty of nature together.
  • Take a Dance Class – Learn a new dance style and impress your partner with your moves!
  • Explore a New City or Town – Spend the day exploring new restaurants in town, trying out different cuisines as you go.
  • Have a Picnic in the Park – Pack your favorite snacks and drinks and head to the park for an alfresco picnic.
  • Enjoy a Candlelit Dinner – Create an intimate atmosphere at home with candles, music and your favorite meal.
  • Book a Luxury Hotel Room– Treat yourselves to a night of luxury at your local hotel.
  • Visit a Local Winery – Sample the finest wines and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a winery.


Outdoor Adventures for Couples

Take your Valentine’s Day celebrations outdoors and make some amazing memories:

  • Go on a Hike and Take in the Views – Enjoy each other’s company while getting closer to nature.
  • Go Horseback Riding – Take a ride through the countryside with your significant other and experience true adventure.
  • Rent Some Bikes and Go Exploring – Get some fresh air and explore a local park or trail while on two wheels.
  • Take a Kayaking Trip – Spend the day paddling down a river with your partner, creating unforgettable memories.
  • Go Camping – Pack up some supplies and head out into the wilderness for a romantic camping trip.
  • Try Rock Climbing – Test your limits and experience the thrill of rock climbing with your partner.
  • Attend a Festival Together – Enjoy music, dancing, food and drinks at a local festival or fair.
  • Go Geocaching or Orienteering – Engage in an exciting adventure and navigate your way through hidden trails.
  • Spend a Day at the Beach – Relax on the sand, play beach volleyball and cool off with a dip in the ocean.
  • Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride – Enjoy spectacular views from up above while you and your love soar through the sky.
  • Visit a National Park – Spend some quality time together while discovering the wonders of nature.
  • Go on a Scenic Drive – Take your time and take in all the sights during a long drive through scenic landscapes.
  • Go Skiing or Snowboarding – Bundle up and hit the slopes together for a day of fun.
  • Go Paintballing – Challenge each other to an exciting paintball match and see who comes out on top!
  • Take a Romantic Boat Ride – Make your date night extra special by taking in the sights from the water.


Fun Activities for Couples

Keep your Valentine’s Day celebrations lighthearted and fun with these activities:

  • Visit an Escape Room – Test your problem-solving skills as a couple and attempt to escape an intricate room.
  • Go to a Comedy Show – Laugh together over some hilarious performances from stand-up comedians.
  • Play Mini Golf or Laser Tag – Put your competitive edge to the test while playing some fun mini golf or laser tag.
  • Attend a Paint Night – Create your own masterpieces and enjoy a glass of wine together at the same time.
  • Go to a Concert – Enjoy the music and energy of a live performance from your favorite band or artist.
  • Try an Arcade – Take on each other’s high scores in all kinds of classic arcade games.
  • Have a Board Game Night – Have some friendly competition while playing board games like Monopoly and Scrabble.
  • Take a Pottery Class – Unleash your inner Picasso and make some pottery creations together.
  • Go Bowling – Bowl a few frames with your partner at your local bowling alley.
  • Visit a Trampoline Park – Jump around on trampolines, play games and have fun like kids.
  • Build a Sandcastle – Make some sand sculptures and show off your creative side.
  • Get Crafty Together – Create something unique and special out of everyday objects you find around the house.


Planning a Romantic Evening at Home

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean going out on an expensive date – there are plenty of ways to make it special while staying in. Here’s how you can plan a romantic night at home:

  • Create a Special Dinner Menu – Treat your partner to one of their favorite dishes, or try out a new recipe together.
  • Set the Mood with Candles and Music – Dim the lights, light some candles and play romantic music to get in the mood.
  • Take an Online Relationship Quiz – Discover more about your relationship with an online quiz or personality test.
  • Watch a Romantic Movie – Pick out one of your favorite love stories or rom-coms for movie night.
  • Have a Spa Night – Give each other mini spa treatments with massages and facials.
  • Have a Picnic at Home – Spread out a blanket and enjoy your favorite snacks and drinks.
  • Share Your Favorite Memories – Relive some of your best memories as a couple in honor of the holiday.
  • Play a Video Game Together – Spend some time playing one of your favorite video games.
  • Have a Dance Party – Put on some music and dance the night away together in your living room!


Unique Gift Ideas for Couples

No Valentine’s Day is complete without presents or surprises, so here are some unique gift ideas for couples:

  • Plan a Getaway – Surprise your partner with a romantic weekend getaway to their favorite destination.
  • Give an Experience Gift – Try something new together, like hot air ballooning or indoor rock climbing.
  • Get Creative – Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories or write each other love letters.
  • Go Shopping – Take a trip to the mall and get something special for each other.
  • Buy Customized Gifts – Personalize a gift with their name or initials, like jewelry or mugs.
  • Shop Local – Pick out something special from a small business in your local community.
  • Get Matching Outfits – Find matching t-shirts, hoodies, or hats to show your love for each other.


Classic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, so why not go with some classic ideas? Here are a few traditional ways to show your partner how much you care:

  • Send a Bouquet of Flowers – Send your partner a bouquet of their favorite flowers to show how much you care.
  • Buy Some Chocolates – Get some delicious chocolates or another sweet treat they’ll love.
  • Make Them Breakfast in Bed – Prepare your partner’s favorite breakfast and serve it to them in bed.
  • Take a Romantic Stroll – Enjoy a romantic walk around your neighborhood or at your local park.
  • Buy Some Jewelry – Get something special like earrings, bracelet, or necklace to show your love.
  • Write a Love Poem – Show your creativity by writing a poem or haiku for your partner.
  • Give Them a Massage – Offer them a relaxing massage to show your appreciation and love.
  • Make a Scrapbook – Create an album full of photos and memories you’ve shared together.
  • Go Out for Dinner – Reserve a table at your partner’s favorite restaurant and enjoy the evening.


You get the idea.

Be creative and have so much fun together, that you decide to celebrate your relationship every month.



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