What does somatic sex coaching mean?2019-04-25T01:10:23+00:00

The root of somatic is ‘soma’ which means body. Somatic sex coaching is about embodiment, being in the body and using what your body is feeling to guide your experience and inform your decisions. Sex happens in the body. Somatic sex coaching starts there. By including body awareness activities, such as using our breath to move sexual energy, understanding the language of touch, communicating presence to our partners, deepening physical relaxation and confidence. Our bodies are always speaking to us. Learning to listen to them is part of what I teach you.

Are you a sexual surrogate?2019-04-19T23:22:44+00:00

No, I’m not a sexual surrogate. If you’re seeking surrogacy, I can speak to you about how to go about that and what purpose surrogacy is meant to serve. Sexual surrogates work as part of a therapy team and are referred to by a psychotherapist. I consider myself an ‘intimacy’ surrogate. An authentic and caring connection is an important aspect of my method of coaching. Although I engage in two-way touch for teaching purposes, I do not engage in sexual activities with clients.

Do you do bodywork?2019-04-25T01:11:50+00:00

Yes, I’m a trained bodyworker. I incorporate it into my sessions with clients who can benefit from learning how to receive touch in a safe and professional coaching environment.

Do you teach Tantra?2019-04-25T01:12:58+00:00

Tantra is a complex and ancient Indian life practice. Neo-Tantra is a adaptation of Tantra that is most commonly taught in the West. I include Neo-Tantra and mindfulness practices such as embodiment exercises, breathwork, eye contact, pacing and ritual in my coaching. All of these are key aspects to a connected sexual experience, regardless of the terminology or practice in which they’re housed.

Do you teach Kink?2019-04-25T21:49:05+00:00

Yes, Kink has many things to teach us when it comes to our erotic worlds. I teach Kink to clients who want to understand how to incorporate it into their sex lives to heighten passion and connection. You can learn more about my private Kink sessions as well as my online course Erotic Power Play for Inquisitive Couples.

What’s the difference between sex coaching and sex therapy?2019-05-01T01:59:55+00:00

It’s helpful to understand the differences between sex coaching and sex therapy so you can find the method that works best for your specific needs.

See my article on Sex Coaching vs Sex Therapy.

How long are your sessions?2019-05-01T14:18:05+00:00

My sessions are 75 mins long.

How many sessions would I see you for?2019-04-26T17:46:33+00:00

Most clients see me for 3-4 sessions a month for a minimum of 3 months.. Trust and connection play an important part in our work together. Because of sexual repression and shaming in our society it takes people time to learn about themselves and unravel the deep seeded patterns that hold them back in life and love. Give yourself the time and space for real and lasting transformations to take hold.

What happens in a session?2019-04-19T23:24:08+00:00

That depends on your unique needs? In each session we will spend time talking about your process and gain insight into how best to incorporate what you are learning. Typically our sessions will include embodiment practices and an interactive experiential component to help integrate your learning into your body and your life. Depending on your needs, I may offer hypnotherapy as a modality to help change unhealthy beliefs, memories or patterns of behavior.

Where are you located?2019-04-19T23:25:42+00:00

My office is in Mill Valley, California (15 mins north of the Golden Gate Bridge).

Do you work online with clients?2019-04-19T23:25:53+00:00

Yes, I have many clients from distant places. We use Zoom calls to connect virtually. Video calls have become part of the therapeutic world, creating the possibility of working with professionals who can help, regardless of where you are in the world.

Do you offer a sliding scale with your fees?2019-04-19T23:25:59+00:00

Yes, I want my work to reach those who need it. If you’re having financial concerns, let’s talk about how we might be able to make it work for you.

Do you have a cancellation fee?2019-04-25T01:18:58+00:00

Yes, I have a 24-hour cancellation fee.

Do you take referrals from other therapists?2019-04-29T17:31:52+00:00

Yes, As I mentioned on the Home page, I’m happy to work with therapists who see my work as a complimentary modality to talk therapy. Combining talk therapy insights and somatic experiencing is a powerfully effective method of learning when addressing issues around sexuality, intimacy and relationships.

“Working with Corinne was a deep opening and permission to fully explore all of myself with my partner…”

“Corinne is extremely knowledgeable, deeply approachable, warm and sensitive…”


“We learned to explore boundaries, deepen our communication and enhance the play we love so much…”


“You led me to some deep, important and brilliant insights that I would never have discovered on my own…”


” I am deeply appreciative of what you are doing for me by totally realigning my mindset on sex…”


“She is a guide, a mentor and a wise woman who’s purpose is to give permission to open up and explore sex and intimacy…”


“I would just like to finally say a heartfelt thank you for all that you’ve done for me and continue to do for others…”

“Corinne helped us understand how to work with our differences with better communication, empathy and listening to each other…” 

“This was the single most powerful healing activity I have ever engaged in. The benefits have endured and people who know me notice a positive change in my face and my attitude…”