Vulnerability is actually a gift that descends upon us when we stop pretending to have it all together and admit to our human flaws and fragility. It’s a gift we give to ourselves and our partner, because it shifts our state from one of closed-off superficiality, to one of feeling and deep sharing. When one partner in a couple opens the door to vulnerability, they create space for their partner to join them there, and it’s in that space of shared vulnerability where hearts connect and intimacy is experienced.


The Tender Truth of Gratitude


Here’s the confronting truth about life that’s hard to avoid, but easy to ignore. You’re going to lose everything and everyone you care about in life. But read on, because this truth is what makes gratitude a profound and precious practice.

The Tender Truth of Gratitude2022-06-23T07:28:15-07:00

Leaping Out of My Comfort Zone (a true story)


The next time you hug your partner, or smile at them from across the dinner table, or take their hand when you’re walking together, speak your love out loud so they can hear it. Don’t assume they know you love them, or assume they don’t need to hear what’s obvious. Feel your love, find the words to express it and let them flow.

Leaping Out of My Comfort Zone (a true story)2022-06-23T07:28:39-07:00

The F Word


Once again, I’m inspired to write about a topic raised by a few of my coaching clients this week, the F word. The word that makes some of us open up wanting more and makes some of us close down, running in the opposite direction.

The F Word2022-06-23T07:28:59-07:00
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