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Coping With a Sexless Marriage

A sexless marriage is one in which intimate partners are engaging in sex once a month or less. Causes range from health concerns to communication issues. In this article you will learn the most common causes and how to get beyond coping with a sexless marriage. There is no right number that defines a healthy sex life, and surely not everyone benefits from more sex, but good sexual health in a relationship demonstrates true intimacy and helps to build the self esteem of each of the partners.

“Working with Corinne was a deep opening and permission to fully explore all of myself with my partner…”

“Corinne is extremely knowledgeable, deeply approachable, warm and sensitive…”


“We learned to explore boundaries, deepen our communication and enhance the play we love so much…”


“You led me to some deep, important and brilliant insights that I would never have discovered on my own…”


” I am deeply appreciative of what you are doing for me by totally realigning my mindset on sex…”


“She is a guide, a mentor and a wise woman who’s purpose is to give permission to open up and explore sex and intimacy…”


“I would just like to finally say a heartfelt thank you for all that you’ve done for me and continue to do for others…”

“Corinne helped us understand how to work with our differences with better communication, empathy and listening to each other…” 

“This was the single most powerful healing activity I have ever engaged in. The benefits have endured and people who know me notice a positive change in my face and my attitude…”

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