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How to Overcome Contempt & Build a Positive Connection in Your Relationship


Contempt is perhaps the most destructive of all relationship behaviors. When we treat our partners with contempt, we are sending a clear message that we do not value or respect them. This can have devastating effects on the health and longevity of a relationship. Contempt can take many forms, from name-calling and insults to sarcasm and eye-rolling. It often arises when we feel angry, frustrated, or disappointed with our partner. Instead of addressing the issue in a healthy and productive way, we allow our emotions to get the better of us, and we lash out with contemptuous behaviors.

How to Overcome Contempt & Build a Positive Connection in Your Relationship2023-03-02T16:45:07-08:00

Resolving Conflict in Relationships: Overcoming Stonewalling and Reaching Understanding


The term ‘stonewalling’ conjures up an apt metaphor of the act itself. You can imagine one partner silently, building a wall, one stone at a time, to keep the other out. After a while the wall is so high, neither partner can see over it or through it. Stonewalling is a form of emotional and physical withdrawal in which one partner in a relationship refuses to engage or communicate with the other partner in the midst of disagreements or conflict.

Resolving Conflict in Relationships: Overcoming Stonewalling and Reaching Understanding2023-02-17T11:06:31-08:00

How to Honor Your Relationship on Valentine’s Day


There are so many meaningful ways to honor your relationship on Valentine’s Day. If you need some help finding creative ways to show your appreciation, below, you’ll find a longer than average list of 50 possibilities to inspire your imagination, and infuse your V-Day with intention, imagination and open-hearted enjoyment. Choose the one you think will delight your partner, and then make it happen!

How to Honor Your Relationship on Valentine’s Day2023-02-17T09:57:02-08:00

Overcoming the Fear of Conflict and Vulnerability in Relationships


Every relationship involves some level of conflict. It’s natural for two individuals to have differing perspectives and disagree on occasion. The key to healthy conflict isn’t armoring yourself for a battle, it’s placing your armor down and getting vulnerable. That may sound very counter intuitive, but it’s the quickest and most direct route out of the confrontation. Vulnerability is the path that leads you out of the battleground.

Overcoming the Fear of Conflict and Vulnerability in Relationships2023-02-04T19:53:46-08:00

Good Vibes


My female cousin was a primary contributor to my early sex education, when I needed it most. For instance she clarified that I couldn’t get pregnant by dancing with a boy, no matter how close we got. She also confirmed that I wasn’t the only person who touched themselves (down there), and most importantly, she showed me that ‘wellness massagers from Sears were used for things other than sore necks and shoulders. A few years later my boyfriend introduced me to the real deal. A vibrator made specifically for genital arousal. It was a cream colored, hard plastic, shapeless cylinder with a twisting on/off switch at the end.

Good Vibes2023-01-20T11:22:17-08:00

How to Marie Kondo Your Sexual Beliefs


This week a client told me she was doing a Marie Kondo on her closet. She was getting rid of what no longer gave her joy. We went on to talk about her sex life with her partner and the nagging resistance she has to being touched. Somewhere along the line she formed a belief system about touch. She couldn’t identify a particular incident that informed that belief system. There was no trauma or abuse. She just knew that when she was touched (even by her loving partner) her body would recoil and she’d shut down.

How to Marie Kondo Your Sexual Beliefs2023-01-12T14:48:29-08:00

The Cold, Hard Truth About Long-Term Relationships


There’s no getting away from the fact that couples in long-term relationships impact each other profoundly, in small and large ways. If you’re a couple who live together there are moments throughout each day that bring you together to discuss something, to work on a task, to accomplish an errand, to share a story, or listen to one. Partners flow in and around each other with such symbiosis, that we can sometimes feel like we’re one mechanism with a shared mind.

The Cold, Hard Truth About Long-Term Relationships2023-01-12T14:50:02-08:00

Filling Your Partner’s Love Tank When It’s Clear They’re Running on Empty


In my Tips for Couples in Captivity blog posts over the past weeks I’ve been inspired by clients, both their questions and their solutions. What did I hear about this week? Couples want to take advantage of this at-home time together to focus on their relationship, everything from ironing out the conflict wrinkles to having better sex and intimacy.

Filling Your Partner’s Love Tank When It’s Clear They’re Running on Empty2022-12-15T16:54:27-08:00

Desire: The Missing Link


Feeling desired is often the part of our sexual experience that gets lost in long-term relationships. We can become better lovers, more sensitive listeners, more generous givers, even more desirous lovers ourselves, but if we’re not feeling desired, that missing piece can leave a painful void in our sexual experience. Let’s acknowledge that we all have a deep need to feel desired.

Desire: The Missing Link2022-12-09T17:08:58-08:00
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