Using Hypnotherapy for Eros and Intimacy

Love sex and desire – Three powerful words that can illicit a multitude of emotions both positive and negative, conscious and subconscious.

  • Your mind is the most powerful sexual organ you have and therefore your greatest ally in heightening your sexual experience. It can be the key that unlocks love, attraction and desire. It can inspire your most exciting erotic fantasies. It can stimulate the brain to produce all of the blissful feelings of arousal and orgasmic pleasure that sexuality can provide.

As a Hypnotherapist trained in sexuality, I guide you through all the layers of beliefs, self-doubt, anxiety and fear-based resistance that can turn love, sex and desire into an emotionally and physically painful part of your life, rather than a rich celebration of connection and pleasure. If I feel a client is suffering from beliefs that are undermining their sex or intimate life I will offer hypnotherapy as a adjunct to my coaching. In my experience hypnotherapy powerfully enhances and reinforces new patterns of beliefs and habits. Here are some of the more common ways hypnotherapy can make a difference in your intimate life.

  • Increasing your desire for sex and touch
  • Building new patterns of relational harmony
  • Making you the master of your ejaculation control
  • Reducing or eliminating your erectile challenges
  • Stimulating your mental foreplay and fantasy
  • Creating confidence in yourself as a lover
  • Bringing a sense of novelty and freshness to your longtime partner
  • Healing your self image issues and insecurity
  • Reducing or eliminating stress and performance anxiety
  • Opening your body and heart to sexual penetration
  • Connecting to your desire for intimacy

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing state of focused attention. It is not sleep. You are alert, aware and always in control throughout the session. When you enter into a trance state your subconscious mind steps to the forefront of your awareness, bypassing the critical mind and creating a unique receptivity to new information and positive suggestions.  During and after hypnosis you will experience a profound state of peace and calm, and you will notice a shift in how you feel and relate to past challenges. It can be surprising sometimes to discover the belief systems that run our lives on a sub-conscious level — belief systems that in most cases have been in place from a very early age.  And most times, even if we consciously know what those harmful beliefs might be, merely talking about them doesn’t change them. They are firmly routed in your sub-conscious. Hypnotherapy, when used with skill and empathy, can help unravel unhealthy beliefs, creating profound insight and healing. Hypnotherapy changes these core beliefs from self-destructive and fearful, to self-empowering and enlivening.                     415-634-7730

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