This method of coaching is new to the therapy world. It addresses the key aspects of being human, love, sex and desire, in all its forms. Through talking about these very personal parts of your life and taking on interactive practices and exercises to embody your insights and learning, you’ll gain self-awareness and insights into who, why, and how you love.

Through coaching you’ll learn how to cultivate intimacy in your relationships and find the confidence to give and receive sexual pleasure. By finding a secure attachment to our lovers, we grant each other the freedom to explore our erotic minds, and fuel our desires.

Coaching is a personalized way to help you find fulfillment in your sex and intimacy with another, or with yourself. You’ll discover how to nurture connection as well as passion. By learning about and exploring your unique sexuality you’ll embrace it in a positive, healthy and integrated life.

To learn more about the many aspects of Sexual Empowerment and Relationship Coaching opt-in for my Sex and Intimacy Assessment Tool, to help you assess your own goals.