Sexual Trauma and PTSD


Sexual Trauma and PTSD keep painful memories from our past alive and present in our day to day lives. Hypnotherapy uses the power of your own mind to unlock the hold these memories have on you, by helping your brain process them in a gentle and effective way.

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Sex and the Boomer Legacy


If you’re reading this and you were born between the mid 40s and the early 60s, you are formally an aging boomer. Congratulations! Let me ask you, do you view aging as a curse or a privilege, an approaching end to your book of life, or the beginning of your next chapter?

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Using Hypnotherapy for Eros and Intimacy


As a Hypnotherapist trained in sexuality, I guide you through all the layers of beliefs, self-doubt, anxiety and fear-based resistance that can turn love, sex and desire into an emotionally and physically painful part of your life, rather than a rich celebration of connection and pleasure.

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Positively Kinky


Like food, sexuality comes in all flavors. Kink, fetishes and BDSM all add dimension to our feasts, and add dishes to choose from on our erotic menu. But if you want to learn how to add variety to your sexual palate where do you begin?

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Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching vs Sex Therapy


Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coaching is a method of learning that is proving to be an invaluable cutting-edge modality in teaching us how to understand and enhance our sexual enjoyment and deepen our capacity for intimacy with our partners. I like to help clients understand the differences between sex coaching and sex therapy, so they can find the modality that can best serve their present needs.

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