4 Stepping Stones to Effective Communication


Having successful intimate conversations in a relationship is an art and practice. Even those who may have picked up some communication tools for the workplace, or from self-improvement workshops, won’t necessarily be able to transfer those skills to the type of very personal conversations that happen at home when emotions are running high. Our conversations with our partner hold a lot of weight. Everyone suffers when communication breaks down at home.

4 Stepping Stones to Effective Communication2022-04-11T19:36:35-07:00

Sex and Grief


Where does sex fit into grief? The myth we tell ourselves is that these two very basic human experiences are mutually exclusive. We believe that we shouldn’t want sex until we’re feeling sexy and receptive, and we can’t be grieving if our bodies are turned-on and orgasmic.

Sex and Grief2021-12-15T11:48:08-08:00
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