A lack of sex, and the intimacy that comes from it, is one of the biggest challenges a couple can face.

I teach couples how to speak openly and honestly about their desires, expand their erotic menu, and reignite the spark of passion that fuels a happy relationship.

I coach couples of all kinds, all ages, all sexual styles, preferences, and challenges.

Here are just a few of the dynamics couples can find themselves in. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • These two people are best friends and awesome parents, but their sex life is a source of tension between them. They’ve lost their sexual polarity and they’re uncomfortable talking about sex. They feel stuck and want back what they’ve lost.

  • Sex and intimacy has never been that great for this couple. They don’t know where to begin. There’s a lack of sexual confidence. They’re ready to start learning new ways of relating to each other and go deeper in their intimacy.

  • Sex is something this couple prioritizes. They’re excited about exploring and going deeper together. They want to become more sexually self-aware, learn about their different sexual personas, and enhance their sexual polarity.

  • Communication is challenging. This couple needs new skills in navigating disagreements. The unnecessary conflict undermines trust and deeper intimacy between them.

  • This couple is already talking about separating/divorce. They waited too long to get the help they needed to repair the damage and heal the wounds. They want to see if sex and intimacy coaching can be a breakthrough for them. (and it often is!)

All of these couples deserve to live a life of sexual and intimate fulfillment.

We all do!

No matter what kind of sexuality you prefer, what sexual history you’ve lived, or what role sex and intimacy play in your life, you deserve to have your needs heard and met in a loving, consensual, relationship.

When a couple works with me in my programs, they come to realize that:

  • Happy relationships don’t just happen by accident. They’re built with intention, self-awareness, and practice.

  • Our erotic minds are formed from a lifetime of experiences that fuel our pleasure, our fantasies, and our desires.

  • Sexual polarity plays a key role in keeping passion front and center in a relationship.

  • Great communication skills go hand in hand with great sex and intimacy.

  • Human sexuality is love in action, and pleasure is every person’s birthright. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy it.

“If you are open to exploring and understanding more of your psyche and your partner’s, you will receive so much more than instruction in working with Corinne. She is a guide, a mentor and a wise woman whose purpose is to give permission to open up and explore sex and intimacy.”

K.L., Healdsburg

How It Works

When we start our work together, we’ll embark on a journey of exploration and transformation, and after 6 weeks you’ll find yourselves on new shores.

That’s guaranteed!

Wherever you are right now, there’s a path forward.

My work with you is customized to meet the needs of your unique relationship dynamic.

The couples I’ve worked with over the past 12 years made the choice to invest in their happiness by applying the same mindset that any serious student would adopt.

They chose to align themselves with a coach who can guide and support them in realizing their fullest potential, as individuals and as a couple.

My Method

  • Conversations about intimacy and sexuality expose our deepest longings and core values. Getting you comfortable having these conversations with your partner is what I specialize in.

  • Together, we’ll define your goals and what role you want sex to play in your life. We’ll talk about your sexual history and shine some light on the obstacles that may be preventing you from living a fully expressed sexual life.

  • My coaching is pleasure focused, upholding the belief that we are all hardwired for pleasure. We all like to believe we turn to sex for pleasure yet so many couples find themselves pleasure starved. Finding out what brings you pleasure and teaching your lover how to please you is what you’ll learn how to do, shamelessly!

  • As a Hypnotherapist I often use this powerful modality to reinforce new patterns of beliefs and habits that consciously and unconsciously form your relationship to sex and intimacy. Past trauma and wounding can finally find their proper place in your past, rather than haunting you in your present.

  • I coach you with the knowledge that your answers already live inside you. Through our coaching relationship you will discover your own inherent wisdom and sexual empowerment.

  • Many of my clients find a deep sense of relief to have a safe, non-judgmental space in which to share their feelings, fears, hopes and longings concerning sexuality.

“I was a regular reader of Corinne’s Passion Blog for 6 months. I decided to do private coaching to put some of her advice to practice. Corinne is intuitive and wise. I couldn’t write down her insights fast enough. She knew exactly what we needed to crack the code in our sexual life. Communication skills was a big part of it for us.”

P.S., Charlotte, N.C.

“…We appreciated your coaching today. And thank you for all the extra written material you always make available to us. It’s so helpful to have new exercises every week that tie into the topic of our session. I just wish we’d started talking about all this years ago.”

C.W. Florida

Getting Started

Passion Igniter Experience

The coaching process begins with a free 15 min Discovery Call where we talk about your desires and goals and how we might work together in a coaching relationship.

  • This package includes 6 private sessions.
  • These are one-hour sessions and take place on Zoom from the privacy of your home.
  • We meet weekly or every two weeks, depending on your schedule.

Real growth begins between sessions, where life happens.

  • After each session the couple leaves with home-play that helps anchor their learning and deepen their understanding of the lessons.
  • I encourage my clients to keep private personal journals to track their insights and breakthrough moments.

I invite you to correspond with me between our sessions with email check-ins. This can make all the difference in keeping you engaged, and on track to achieving real growth.

My greatest joy is seeing a couple awaken to their fullest intimate potential.

“My partner was desperate for me to understand why I was lacking interest in sex so he bought me a package of sessions with Corinne. Working with Corinne opened my eyes to the part of me I was hiding from my partner, and the world for that matter”.

L&A Sonoma, CA

Continue Your Learning

Expanding Your Erotic Menu and Deepening Your Practice

After the initial program of 6 sessions, you will have a taste of how far you can go.

Whatever advanced learning is in your case, we will design your next steps toward the kind of sexual and intimate life you want to bring into your life.

“I felt nervous about our weekly sessions coming to an end. I felt like we made so much progress and I didn’t want to go back to how we were. Staying in touch each month helped me feel like you were still on the sidelines cheering us on and keeping us both accountable with our agreements. Thank you Corinne for being on our team.”

L.G. –Nashville, Tennessee

Ongoing Coaching

Fan the Flames 

A 6 Month Journey to Keep Your Fire Hot

Many of my clients want to stay in touch after their weekly coaching programs are over. They notice how easy it is to get lazy and fall back to a status quo, even when it comes to pleasure.

Once a couple feels the support of weekly focused attention on their intimate life, they miss the regular boost and challenge to keep their relationship alive and engaged.

The clients who sign up for my 6 month coaching program appreciate the value and benefits of a monthly check-in for 90 minutes, and two 15 min Tune Ups calls.

These clients understand the importance of prioritizing their connection with their partner by adding fuel to their new-found intimacy practices on a regular basis.

“Corinne is extremely knowledgeable, deeply approachable, warm and sensitive. It’s a pleasure to be on the receiving end of her coaching skills. Not only is she all this, but she’s a ton of fun! I left our sessions more empowered, more centered and more rooted in my sexual journey and ready to continue the exploration and connection with my partner, taking our love and relationship to places I’ve only dreamed of.” 

V.R. Berkeley, CA

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Schedule your free 15 minute Discovery Call and let’s talk about love, sex and desire in your life.