People will often ask how I got into Sex Coaching. When I was six I used to prescribe M&M Aspirin for my friend’s ailments. With notepad in hand, I took great interest in hearing about tummy pains, scabbed knees and unfair treatment by insensitive siblings. Playing doctor gave me my first lesson in how to listen. 

So why did I get into sex coaching? Because I believe sex holds a key to our inner journey of self-discovery. Our sexuality can be a source of deep fulfillment and it can also cause us great suffering. Regardless of what role sex plays in your life, sex is an important conversation for everyone. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than making the time and space for that conversation to take place. 

I still offer M&Ms if I think the ailment calls for it. 🙂 

I’ve spent most of my adult life coaching and consulting about all things to do with mind, emotion and body. The last dozen years or so have been focused on sex and intimacy and helping clients realize their authentic sexual expression.

Conversations about intimacy and sexuality expose our deepest longings and core values. Finding fulfillment in this part of our life is often challenging. Getting comfortable having those conversations with your partner is what I’m here to help you with.

Somatic Sexual Empowerment Coaching is a method of learning 
that teaches us about who we are sexually and why we find certain things arousing. The formation of our erotic mind began long before we knew anything about sex, yet to this day it informs our turn ons and our fantasies.

We’ll define your goals and what role you want sex to play in your life. We’ll talk about your sexual history and shine some light on the obstacles that may be preventing you from living a fully expressed sexual life. 

My coaching is pleasure focused, upholding the belief that we are all hardwired for pleasure. We all like to believe we turn to sex for pleasure yet so many couples find themselves pleasure starved. Finding out what brings you pleasure and teaching your lover how to please you is what you’ll learn how to do, shamelessly!

I’ll teach you about awareness, breath and presence and how to get out of your head and into your body. Being embodied is a pre-requisite to becoming a great lover, emotionally and sexually.

You’ll become sexually self-aware and confident in your ability to express yourself and get your desires met.

Learning about how to touch and why to touch sets you apart from other lovers. Giving generously and receiving fully are acquired skills that will benefit every part of your life.

You’ll learn about boundaries, how to set them and how to navigate them. Boundaries and consent are cornerstones to great sexual experiences. Regardless of how long you’ve been with a partner, learning how to talk about sex and desire openly and honestly will take your sex life to the next level.

Through awareness exercises you’ll gain insight into old patterns that may be keeping you stuck or hidden.

As a Hypnotherapist I often use this powerful modality to reinforce new patterns of beliefs and habits that consciously and unconsciously form your relationship to sex and intimacy. Past trauma and wounding can finally find their proper place in your past rather than haunting you in your present.

I coach you with the knowledge that your answers already live inside you. Through our coaching relationship you will discover your own inherent wisdom and agency.

Many of my clients find a deep sense of relief to have a safe, non-judgmental space in which to share their feelings, fears, hopes and longings around sexuality.

“…Thank you, Corinne. After our first session I realized how few people I can talk to about such personal matters. In fact, I don’t have anyone I can talk to about these things. Sharing my feelings today felt liberating and relieving, and you couldn’t have made me feel more comfortableHaving a place to go where you are listened to with care and accepted for who you are is rare in life.

N.S. San Anselmo

Private In-Person or Online Sessions with Corinne

You will find my office tucked away in Marin Redwoods, walking distance to the downtown of one of the most beautiful communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mill Valley (15 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge). 

Whether we meet in person or online, I support your experience of trust and sharing, all of which is lovingly held with the strictest confidentiality.

You are welcome to see me on a per-session basis.

My sessions are 75 minutes.

I offer 6 session packages, which will give you a foundation of self-knowledge, in-session experience and bodily awareness that will bring about lasting transformation in your intimate and sexual life. 

Give yourself the time and space for real change to take place. Your sexual evolution begins here.




Schedule your 6 session package at my
private studio, 15 minutes North of the
Golden Gate Bridge, in Mill Valley


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Erotic Trainings

I offer two of my most popular signature trainings for those who want to add a little spice to their erotic menu.

A sensual experience for your partner that will light them up and take them deep. A perfect antidote to what life dishes out….

Learn More

Have you been curious about Kink and how to introduce it into your sexual play?

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Sex education has never been so much fun!

Sex Coaching vs Sex Therapy

There are distinct differences between the professions of sex coaching and sex therapy. Coaching focuses, primarily on the present and future goals of the client. It emphasizes self-exploration and self-knowledge. It helps a client reframe present time thinking, and forms concrete steps in moving toward their desired goals. Click here for the full article…

Working with Therapists

If I feel a client’s issues require a more psychological approach to their challenges I’ll refer them to a psychotherapist.

Likewise, I receive referrals from psychotherapists who look to add practical and somatic approaches to their client’s challenges around sex and intimacy. They may be unable to offer sexual guidance within the limits of their therapeutic license or they may feel topics of sex and intimacy are best left to third party facilitation.

If you have clients whom you feel would benefit from what I teach I’m happy to discuss referrals with you.

“Working with Corinne was a deep opening and permission to fully explore all of myself with my partner…”

“Corinne is extremely knowledgeable, deeply approachable, warm and sensitive…”


“We learned to explore boundaries, deepen our communication and enhance the play we love so much…”


“You led me to some deep, important and brilliant insights that I would never have discovered on my own…”


” I am deeply appreciative of what you are doing for me by totally realigning my mindset on sex…”


“She is a guide, a mentor and a wise woman who’s purpose is to give permission to open up and explore sex and intimacy…”


“I would just like to finally say a heartfelt thank you for all that you’ve done for me and continue to do for others…”

“Corinne helped us understand how to work with our differences with better communication, empathy and listening to each other…” 

“This was the single most powerful healing activity I have ever engaged in. The benefits have endured and people who know me notice a positive change in my face and my attitude…”