Sensation Meditation

Expand your erotic menu and delight your lover with new touch experiences.

We spend 3 sessions in my private space where I share with both of you the secrets of sensual touch and massage. 

I take you through every step of creating an ‘off the charts’ experience for your lover.

Sensory deprivation, light restraints, teasing sensations, and sensual mystique all set the tone for erotic connection and letting go.

It’s a learning experience that will teach you:

  • The Four Quadrants of Touch 
  • How to ask for what you want clearly and confidently 
  • How to fully give and deeply receive
  • How to open and trust to your lover’s skilled hands
  • How to surrender and how to lead.

We all need help in letting go of our worlds of work, family, finances, and news cycles.

How can we be present for pleasure when we’re stuck in our heads? 

Learn how to guide your partner into a deeply relaxing whole-body sensual massage experience.

Sensation Meditation massage is a beautiful array of touch experiences that will both calm your lover’s mind, light up their brain and alter their state of awareness.

A teasingly delicious sensory experience that invokes a deep state of trance, cleansing your partner’s body and mind of stress, anxiety, and chronic thinking.

This is so much more than an evening workshop sharing the space with other couples you don’t know. 

It’s an intimate, exciting, hands-on adventure with me and your sweetheart, where you’ll be sharing and learning exactly how you long to be touched.

Sensation Meditation Massage is sensual from beginning to end with a quality of touch that comes out of your deep well of desire.

You’ll both take home a whole new skill set that will set you apart from any other lover.

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“One of the main reasons our sex life was less than satisfactory is because I’d never enjoyed how my partner touched me. 

After 10 years together I just accepted that it would always be this way. Corinne was referred to us by our couples therapist.

It took this kind of intensive experience for me to finally get the kind of touch I wanted, and to learn the kind of touch my partner wanted as well. 

I was nervous at first but Corinne made us feel so comfortable and relaxed with this kind of intimate learning.

I love knowing that I no longer have to brace myself for touch that doesn’t work for me.  

We came out of these sessions knowing more about each other’s bodies than we ever have.” 

S & J, San Francisco