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Corinne’s Sex and Intimacy
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What’s holding you back from love, sex, and desire?

The biggest challenges my clients experience are mis-matched desire, loss of intimacy, and a longing for deeper connection.

I invite you to download and learn from this powerful assessment tool. You’ll discover insights and breakthroughs on living an intimately and erotically fulfilling life.

Welcome, I’m Corinne,

If you want to grow as a lover or you know your sex life could be better, talking about sex is where it all begins.

Before you invite someone to talk about sex, keep these 10 ground rules in mind.

And remember, your sexual evolution begins here.


Relationship and Sexual Empowerment Coaching…

is for the curious at heart, the sexual adventurers,
and the lovers who long for more.

Whether you’re single or partnered, sexually challenged or looking to expand your erotic menu, I will guide you in your journey toward renewed sexual confidence, deep passionate connections and the freedom of sexual expression that is uniquely yours to celebrate and share.

I invite you to schedule a free discovery call where we can talk about you, your goals, and the benefits of sex and intimacy coaching. 



“Working with Corinne was a deep opening and permission to fully explore all of myself with my partner…”

“Corinne is extremely knowledgeable, deeply approachable, warm and sensitive…”


“We learned to explore boundaries, deepen our communication and enhance the play we love so much…”


“You led me to some deep, important and brilliant insights that I would never have discovered on my own…”


” I am deeply appreciative of what you are doing for me by totally realigning my mindset on sex…”


“She is a guide, a mentor and a wise woman who’s purpose is to give permission to open up and explore sex and intimacy…”


“I would just like to finally say a heartfelt thank you for all that you’ve done for me and continue to do for others…”

“Corinne helped us understand how to work with our differences with better communication, empathy and listening to each other…” 

“This was the single most powerful healing activity I have ever engaged in. The benefits have endured and people who know me notice a positive change in my face and my attitude…”

Do you meet with clients in person?2020-07-23T19:12:37+00:00

I see clients exclusively online now. After many years of meeting clients in person I find I can reach more people at greater distances who want to work with me. I see clients from every State in U.S. as well as Canada, Mexico and countries abroad.

The exception to online work is when I see couples for a private two-day intensive retreat in person.

Do you teach Tantra?2020-07-07T21:16:16+00:00

Tantra is a complex and ancient Indian life practice. Neo-Tantra is a adaptation of Tantra that is most commonly taught in the West. I include Neo-Tantra and mindfulness practices such as embodiment exercises, breathwork, eye contact, pacing and ritual in my coaching. All of these are key aspects to a connected sexual experience, regardless of the terminology or practice in which they’re housed.

Do you teach Kink?2020-07-07T21:16:09+00:00

Yes, I teach Kink to clients. Kink is more than whips and pain. It’s a multi-dimensional world of activities that can inform our erotic experience.

I teach Kink to clients who want to understand how to heighten sexual polarity with their lovers, to communicate their desires clearly, and to step into different side of their erotic selves. By integrating what kink has to teach we expand and our erotic menus and deepen our experience. You can learn more about my teaching as well as my online course Erotic Power Play for Inquisitive Couples.

How long are your sessions?2020-07-07T21:15:59+00:00

My Zoom and phone sessions are one hour, with the exception of my two day-long couple’s retreat.

What would be the duration of our work together?2020-07-23T19:14:29+00:00

Depending on your desires and goals, I suggest starting with my 6 session program, which will address your challenges and give you the tools to create lasting change. Once clients begin to see the range of learning and growth available to them through coaching, they often choose to move on to more advanced learning for a second or third 6 session program.

Trust and connection play an important part in our work together. Because it takes people time to learn about themselves and unravel the deep seated patterns that hold them back in love and sex. Give yourself the time and space for real and lasting transformations to take hold.

After our work together, you’ll find yourself with a different mindset in relationship to your sex and intimate life. You’ll have clarity and self-awareness. You’ll have the skill sets and communication tools you need to have the intimate and sexual life you desire, whatever that looks like for you. You’re unique, and your sexuality is uniquely yours.

What will happen in our sessions?2020-07-23T19:13:02+00:00

That depends on your unique needs. In each session we will spend time talking about your desires and goals. We’ll discover the obstacles that are holding you back from the sex and intimate life you desire, and you’ll learn how to move beyond those limitations.

Through weekly practices and exercises at home, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to incorporate what you are learning into your life and relationships . You’ll keep a journal for your insights and questions as they arise. Our sessions will include education and coaching where you’ll learn about your erotic mind, embodiment and mindfulness practices, and communication tools to support your sensual/sexual experience.

What is Sexual Empowerment and Relationship Coaching?2020-07-23T22:29:48+00:00

This method of coaching is new to the therapy world. It addresses the key aspects of being human, love, sex and desire, in all its forms. Through talking about these very personal parts of your life and taking on interactive practices and exercises to embody your insights and learning, you’ll gain self-awareness and insights into who, why, and how you love.

Through coaching you’ll learn how to cultivate intimacy in your relationships and find the confidence to give and receive sexual pleasure. By finding a secure attachment to our lovers, we grant each other the freedom to explore our erotic minds, and fuel our desires.

Coaching is a personalized way to help you find fulfillment in your sex and intimacy with another, or with yourself. You’ll discover how to nurture connection as well as passion. By learning about and exploring your unique sexuality you’ll embrace it in a positive, healthy and integrated life.

To learn more about the many aspects of Sexual Empowerment and Relationship Coaching opt-in for my Sex and Intimacy Assessment Tool, to help you assess your own goals.

Are you a sexual surrogate?2020-04-21T23:37:11+00:00

No, I’m not a sexual surrogate.

My sessions are online by zoom or phone with the exception of my two-day couple’s intensives, in which I teach and coach.

I do not engage in sexual activities with my clients under any circumstance.

Where are you located?2020-04-21T23:44:00+00:00

I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area (Mill Valley)

Do you offer a sliding scale with your fees?2019-04-19T23:25:59+00:00

Yes, I want my work to reach those who need it. If you’re having financial concerns, let’s talk about how we might be able to make it work for you.

Do you have a cancellation fee?2019-04-25T01:18:58+00:00

Yes, I have a 24-hour cancellation fee.

What’s the difference between sex coaching and sex therapy?2020-04-21T23:46:35+00:00

It’s helpful to understand the differences between sex coaching and sex therapy so you can find the method that works best for your specific needs.

See my article on Sex Coaching vs Sex Therapy.

Do you take referrals from other therapists?2020-04-21T23:45:09+00:00

Yes, I’m happy to work with therapists who see my work as a complimentary modality to their own form of therapy.

Sexual empowerment coaching is a powerfully effective and direct method to address issues around sexuality, intimacy and relationships, parts of life that play such a large role in a client’s life and happiness.

Creating Your Erotic Menu – Part 2

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If you’ve been dealing with sexual challenges in a long-term relationship, talking about sex may be full of blame, guilt, regret, embarrassment, and a whole host of other emotions that have built up over the years. If your partner suggests sitting down to talk about your sex life, your first reaction may be to brace yourself for the inevitable bad feelings that will come out of that talk. I designed Your Erotic Menu to guide you through this conversation in a way that bypasses the blame game and supports curiosity and exploration.

A Communication Exercise For Curious Couples

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Most people will understand an ‘erotic menu’ to mean the activities they engage in during sex. But if I ask a client what’s on their erotic menu, they’ll often look perplexed. They’ll start with intercourse, kissing, touching, oral sex but, after these more obvious activities, they realize their list is pretty short actually. “I mean, how many things can two people do during sex? Was what someone said to me a few weeks ago.

How to Marie Kondo Your Sexual Beliefs

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This week a client told me she was doing a Marie Kondo on her closet. She was getting rid of what no longer gave her joy. We went on to talk about her sex life with her partner and the nagging resistance she has to being touched. Somewhere along the line she formed a belief system about touch. She couldn’t identify a particular incident that informed that belief system. There was no trauma or abuse. She just knew that when she was touched (even by her loving partner) her body would recoil and she’d shut down.

7 Tips to Bypass Conflict in Your Relationship

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If you’re in a relationship with another human, disagreements will happen. It’s a given. No matter how much we love someone, you can’t avoid differing opinions and heated discussions. The secret to a happy relationship is how you navigate these disagreements and move through them to a feeling of resolution. This doesn’t mean finding a solution, it means getting to the point where you both feel heard and empathized with. In the end we all need to feel respected, even in the midst of disagreements. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg developed a communication model called Non-Violent Communication.

What’s holding you back from love, sex, and desire?

The biggest challenges my clients experience are mis-matched desire, loss of intimacy, and a longing for deeper connection.

I invite you to download and learn from this powerful assessment tool. You’ll discover insights and breakthroughs on living an intimately and erotically fulfilling life.

Download your copy of Corinne’s Sex and Intimacy Assessment Tool