Depending on your desires and goals, I suggest starting with my 6 session program, which will address your challenges and give you the tools to create lasting change. Once clients begin to see the range of learning and growth available to them through coaching, they often choose to move on to more advanced learning for a second or third 6 session program.

Trust and connection play an important part in our work together. Because it takes people time to learn about themselves and unravel the deep seated patterns that hold them back in love and sex. Give yourself the time and space for real and lasting transformations to take hold.

After our work together, you’ll find yourself with a different mindset in relationship to your sex and intimate life. You’ll have clarity and self-awareness. You’ll have the skill sets and communication tools you need to have the intimate and sexual life you desire, whatever that looks like for you. You’re unique, and your sexuality is uniquely yours.