The Transformative Power of Empathy


As a relationship and intimacy coach, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative potential that empathy holds within the context of partnerships. Empathy, at its core, is the ability to truly see and understand the emotions, experiences, and perspectives of our partners. Through empathy, we enter the realm of the other, witnessing their joys, sorrows, fears, and desires. It is in this space that intimacy flourishes.

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Saying No, With Love


Most of the conversations around boundaries these days focus on protecting ourselves from narcissists, gas-lighters, or toxic relationships that need to end, but how do we set boundaries with those we love?

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The 4 Levels of Conversation: A Guide to Effective Communication in Relationships


Learn about the four levels of conversation and how to use them for effective communication in your relationships. By understanding these levels, you can avoid common communication pitfalls and improve your connection with your partner or loved ones. By applying the techniques outlined in this article, you can have more meaningful and fulfilling conversations, leading to stronger and healthier relationships.

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Unleashing The Power of Polarity in Your Relationship


An intimate relationship with polarity has a magnetic attraction of opposing sides, an attraction that draws together two opposites to create a whole. There is no way to understand light without the existence of dark. There is no masculine energy without feminine energy or vice versa. Neither is superior nor more powerful. They are equal and opposite aspects of our human nature, and both the masculine and feminine reside in all of us.

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7 Tips to Bypass Conflict in Your Relationship


If you’re in a relationship with another human, disagreements will happen. It’s a given. No matter how much we love someone, you can’t avoid differing opinions and heated discussions. The secret to a happy relationship is how you navigate these disagreements and move through them to a feeling of resolution. This doesn’t mean finding a solution, it means getting to the point where you both feel heard and empathized with. In the end we all need to feel respected, even in the midst of disagreements. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg developed a communication model called Non-Violent Communication.

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Empowering Intimacy: Unlock the Power of Ritual in Your Relationship


Our lives are filled with rituals we inherited from our upbringing as well as rituals we’ve created that are unique to our own lives. Even the most mundane daily activities, like sharing a morning coffee or lighting a candle at dinner, can be elevated to a ritual by empowering the purpose of that activity and bringing meaning to our actions. What rituals do we honor in our relationships that bring meaning and purpose to our actions? The answer to that question is unique to each couple.

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Nurturing Your Inner Child for Self-Compassion & Relationship Bliss.


We are, walking, talking memory machines. We draw information from old memories and apply it to our present-day decisions. Every pleasure we’re drawn to, every pain we avoid, every relationship dynamic or conflict is drawing from these memories to guide us in how we react to experiences, physically and emotionally, in the present moment. Interestingly, the memories that most impact our adult emotional state took place long ago, when challenging childhood experiences began to form our strategies for surviving in a dangerous world.

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Rekindling Emotional and Physical Intimacy Through Tantra


Tantra/Slow Sex is an antidote to porn-driven sexual style so often represented in adult entertainment. Making love in the Tantric way means to be fully present with your sex partner. It asks us to bring our full attention to each moment. In Tantric lovemaking, there is no goal to be reached, and no race toward orgasm. Instead, there is complete attention to each touch, each breath and each sensation. The ancient practice of Tantra is in many respects the foundation of what we now commonly refer to as mindfulness. Tantric love-making is mindful sex.

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Breaking the Cycle of Defensive Behavior in Your Relationship


We learned very young how to deflect, defend, and deny in order to save us from perceived danger. It all made sense at the time, but now as adults in relationships, that same defensiveness shuts down constructive communication with a defended word, or even just a look. As adults in relationships our defensiveness is just as transparent as our younger selves. Our vocabulary may have grown but the strategy is still pretty simple. Deflect and defend from attack.

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How to Identify and Avoid Criticism in Relationships


One of the fundamental requirements of building intimacy in a relationship is safety. We want the feeling that our partner has our back, understands and supports us, and wants the best for us. When a couple allows criticism to seep into their communication, they have become domesticated adversaries. They are either bracing themselves for the next painful exchange, or they’re healing from yesterday’s wounds.

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