The F Word


Once again, I’m inspired to write about a topic raised by a few of my coaching clients this week, the F word. The word that makes some of us open up wanting more and makes some of us close down, running in the opposite direction.

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Touching For Your Own Pleasure


Three recent conversations with clients inspired me to write about pleasurable touch, and why most people can dish it out, but they can’t take it. There is so much more to touch than laying our hands on another person’s body. There’s context, intention, expectation, desire, sensation, communication. Touch is a language not just between you and your partner’s body, but it’s also a communication between your hands and your brain.

Touching For Your Own Pleasure2022-06-23T07:48:28-07:00

3 Steps to Weather Your Partner’s Storms


The next time your partner is letting loose and expressing their fear with uncertainty, frustration with family dynamics, work related anxiety, existential angst, grief of loss, overwhelm with a new normal, or any other challenging emotion, say these words to yourself… “I don’t have to fix this right now”

3 Steps to Weather Your Partner’s Storms2022-06-23T07:31:31-07:00

There’s an Elephant in my Relationship


Let’s stop ignoring the elephant in our relationship and start talking about it. We can even thank the elephant for sticking around and reminding us that we’re ignoring our own sensual and sexual needs. You might ask yourself, what are my sexual and sensual needs? What would it look like to have them met? How do I want to be seen and accepted in my sexuality?

There’s an Elephant in my Relationship2022-06-23T07:47:47-07:00
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